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  Buy John's Books


   Six of of John's nine books can be purchased on this site or go to, Kindle or  Look under John H. Stover. 


   The price for all books on this site is $14.99 plus $5.99 shipping and handling. 


    The Love Rescue Me Trilogy; Love Hurts, Love Scars and Love Is All You Need are available as a 3 book set for $36.99 plus $9.99 shipping and handling, a saving of almost $15.00. 


   All books are personally signed and numbered by the author.   


   Taxes apply in certain states.  Please allow up to two weeks for delivery.


   A total of $20.98 will be charged to your credit card for each book ordered. 


    If you include your name or the name of the person you are buying the book(s) for, John will be happy to sign your personalized copy. 


   Be sure to include your name plus any personal note or sentiment you would like to be included. 


   I hope you enjoy your purchase.   John truly appreciates your business.





John Stover's Books


John will be reading and signing copies of his books

on Thursday April 10th  at Book Soup. 

8818 Sunset Blvd W. Hollywood, CA.  90069


John appeared on the Rolanda Watts Show

Sunday April 6 th.  Tune in to the link here


John will also be hosting a discussion on homelessness, Skid Row and downtown life 

as well as a candid discussion of conditions in the downtown LA missions. 

The event will be held at the Central Library's Mark Taper Auditorium 

 from 6 - 7:45 pm on August 7th, 2014. 


Some of the panelists will be Gale Holland;

homeless correspondent for the LA Times,


Neil Scott, who covers the Seattle Seahawks for various National

radio networks, including Fox Sports Radio and Sirius/XM

and host of of


Homeless advocate and healthcare practitioner

Dr. Lurline Nieto Phd - FPMHNP-BC


 Pastor Kevin Haah of New City Church in Skid Row Los Angeles.


There will be photo accompaniment

documenting life on downtown, the Missions and Skid Row.







Happy reading everybody

and remember...


If you want to write, you must read.



Best Wishes, John Stover


    Buy all three books of The Love Rescue Me Trilogy, Love Hurts, Love Scars and Love Is All You Need.

   The Love Rescue Me Trilogy is the ongoing story of the Quixotic, Golden Gloves champion, guitar-playing, Radical fugitive, do-gooding, clothing manufacturing, (ex) husband and father, as he struggles with his addictions, surviving the 9/11 attacks while in the North Tower, his subsequent relapse, life in a downtown Mission and his eventual triumphs as he continually struggles to find the Love of his life, Diane Dante.

   All three books on sale today for $36.99 plus $9.99 shipping. All three books will be numbered with personal notes from the author.


Save $15.00 when you buy all three.

     Or you can buy individual editions,

all numbered and all signed by John. 

    $14.99 each, plus $5.99 shipping. 

    Sales tax may apply.

    The Road Runner / An American Odyssey is John's first book.  Written in just six weeks, while detoxing from heroin, this hilarious, harrowing, poignant, and moving story tells of John's turbulent life, multiple addictions, eventual recovery,  success, loves, family, fatherhood and travels. 


    "A rare insight into the unraveling of one man's life. " Alisa Dollar


    "Lotsa rich and famous people in this one..."  Jewel Stone


     "The Roadrunner is as good as it gets."  Paul Davis


     "The family is not gonna like this.."  Jill Lake


     "I couldn't put it down."  James Gilmore "

     "Stover denies himself nothing!"  Paul Burke




Common Cents / A Civil War Story is a cautionary tale of two interconnecting American Civil Wars.  Drawing from the fiery rhetoric of Thomas Paine’s revolutionary pamphlet, Common Sense, Common Cents / A Civil War Story tells the story of a possible Second American Civil War.    

     The Second American Civil War occurs when the homeless of modern day Los Angeles, clad in their government-issued gray ponchos, revolt, claiming they have eaten enough garbage from trash bins and are tired of defecating in streets and alleys.  The modern day rebels are joined by a group of aged Gray Panthers, led by an eighty-year old socialite named Willa Wharton Phillips III.  Willa and her wealthy friends help stop the carnage inflicted by the blue-clad National Guard soldiers and tactical police.  It is the Blue versus Gray, Part II.

   As the conflict heats up between the modern day participants, we meet the Narrator’s great-great grandfather, Clay Dante Logan.  Clay writes in a series of journals and the present day events mirror the upcoming Civil War, Clay is about to join.  Clay Dante Logan is a just man who owns slaves, a system he inherited.  The differences (and similarities) between 19th century slave owners and the homeless policies of 21st century America are explored within the two stories.  Clay’s inner turmoil as well as his Civil War battles are revealed in the second story.

   The story ends with a hopeful and optimistic ending and provides a few ways that the homeless might eventually get some assistance.

     In-Sight, the author's third book is a new-age, science fiction story about a dysfunctional time-traveler who is able to journey in and out of his own life, both past and present. This time-trekker is also able to jump into distant ancestry; descendants in the past and heirs to the future.

     The author has taken the popular concept of time traveling and added his own unique vision of cross-addiction, genealogical molding and familial balance. The reader will long remember the characters that weave in and out of time during the time-traveler's journey.

    A Zen-type approach to destiny, a Christian sensitivity towards forgiveness and a futuristic bent regarding time and space, combine to bring the reader headlong into an absorbing and harrowing tale of time-twists and family developments that will both haunt and fascinate.

   In Love Is All You Need, we follow the further adventures of Jack, the Saint, St. Clair and the Love of his life, Diane Dante.  In Book Two, Jack and Diane after being separated for thirty-five years, are finally reunited.  
    Love Is All You Need picks up where Love Hurts and Love Scars leave off.  
   In this book we meet Father Timothy Circe,  a Jesuit Priest who is  blinded in a botched exorcism.  After losing his eyesight, Father Tim finds he is able to perform inexplicable and miraculous faith healings.  However, as is so often the case, this gift ultimately proves to be a curse.
    Love Is All You Need follows Father Tim and his mother, the beautiful Willow Circe, Jack and Diane, and their children, Rosie and Emma.   Book Three follows these characters as they make their way and do good in a very confused and  indifferent society.  This book explores organized religion, faith, drug addiction, homelessness, recovery and many other issues that face us as a society today.

   When political activist  guitar playing, Golden Gloves champion Jack St. Clair is wrongly accused of participating in a deadly student  bombing, he begins a life of crime and (strangely enough) a life of service towards others that brings him headlong into the spheres of the radical underground, the fashion and music worlds, the Playboy Mansion,  wealth and fame, marriage, fatherhood and  the first person nightmare of 9/11.  He ultimately ends up disgraced and penniless in a Los Angeles Mission.  After he is duped into participating in a misguided bank robbery, Jack is forced to leave behind Diane Dante,  the one true love of his life.  In her confusion, Diane moves to Paris and unbeknownst to Jack, has their child.
    Love Rescue Me begins in Boston during the turbulent days of student unrest and the Vietnam War.  The story, using actual, real life characters from these chaotic times, takes the reader to such diverse places as the student radical underground, Nantucket Island, a collegiate circus and a dangerous hobo camp.  Eventually, the Quixotic Jack St. Clair lands  at a downtown mission on Los Angeles' Skid Row. It is while at this fictional Mission when Jack reunites with Diane Dante,  his long lost love, whom he has been searching for, for over thirty years.

     In Love Scars, Book Two of The Love Rescue Me Trilogy, our anti-hero Jack St. Clair has become rich and divorced. He raises his spirited daughter Rosie St. Clair, as a single parent. Together the two St. Clair's discover their unusual bond when meet a mystical shaman on the island of Maui. Later, still on Maui, the pair witness an authentic Christmas miracle.  
     On Sept 11, 2001, Jack is in a hostile meeting on the 39th Floor of the North Tower at the World Trade Center. Heeding the repressed advice of a proven psychic, he leaves his new partners behind (where they perish) and makes his way back to his hotel. For the next several years, Jack doesn't draw a sober breath. He ends up broke and hopeless at the Los Angeles Rescue Mission.

     Diane Dante, the love of his life, is on a ten city trip with her church, visiting various missions. Jack and Diane have been looking for each other for almost thirty-five years. After seeing Diane from across a crowded room, the newly sober Jack, is too overcome with shame and embarrassment to approach the very women he has been searching for all these years. 

     Jack and Diane are finally reunited. Soon enough, they begin a charity called the We Are Family Foundation. And that, my friends, is where Book Three, Love Is All You Need begins.

  And to those of you who have more money then you know what to do with; for the first time... ever, all John's books are available, as limited, signed by the author, single book editions.  All together, at one time, in one place and at one low price.         

   For the price of $79.99 plus $12.99 shipping, (you save $25.00) you can own John's complete catalogue.  These titles include The Road Runner / An American Odyssey, Common Cents / A Civil War Story, In-Sight / A Dysfucntional Time Traveling Tale, as well as the Love Rescue Me Trilogy; Love Hurts, Love Scars, and Love Is All You Need. 

    Plus you will be put on John's priority mailing list.  Whenever a new book or article comes out, you will be notified by e mail along with some very special offers. 






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   Some photos of family and friends

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